These Conditions of Sale apply to the sale of products by Tapeloader. . is a trade name of Tapeloader. In addition, every time you use any present or future service of you will also be subject to the general terms and conditions. Said General Conditions shall prevail over these Conditions of Sale in case of discrepancy between the two.

Please read these conditions carefully before placing your order with Tapeloader. By submitting your order to Tapeloader, you agree to be bound by these conditions. 

1. Our contract

When you place your order, we will send you an email confirming receipt of your order. We will also inform you about the shipping of your products.

We only sell products in quantities corresponding to the typical needs of an average home since our products are unique.

2. Returns

Please review our return policy, which is applicable to the products that Tapeloader sells. The content of this right as well as the details on the form of its exercise appear in the order confirmation email, as well as in the Return policy.

Tapeloader does not assume ownership of the returned product until receipt of the product at the return address. Tapeloader reserves the right, at its discretion, to refund the amount of the product without demanding its return. In such case, the ownership of the product whose price would have been reimbursed will not be transferred to Tapeloader

3. Prices and availability

All prices include the legally applicable taxes (VAT).

We include on the website information on the availability of the products we sell, detailing it on the information page of each of the products. It is not possible for us to offer more precise information on the availability of a product, beyond that shown on the product information page or in other sections of the website.

Please note that, unless otherwise indicated on the website, the estimated delivery times are, in fact, mere estimates. They are not guaranteed delivery times and therefore cannot be taken for granted.

Despite our efforts to avoid this, prices of incorrect products are displayed for a small number of the products included in our catalog. We will verify the price at the time of processing your order and in any case before accepting payment. If we have made a mistake and the correct price of the product is higher than that shown on the website, we may, at our discretion, contact you before the order is dispatched so that you can confirm that you wish to purchase the product at the correct price. , or cancel your order. If the correct price of the product is lower than that shown on the website, we will charge you that lower price and proceed to ship the product.

4. Product information

Unless expressly stated otherwise, Tapeloader is not the manufacturer of the products sold on the website. Although we strive to ensure that the information that appears on our website is correct, sometimes the packaging and materials of the products may contain additional or different information than that that appears on our website. Components can also change. We recommend that you do not stop to read only the information available on our website, but also carefully read the labeling, warnings and instructions that accompany the product before use.

5. Our responsibility

Tapeloader will not be responsible for (i) any losses that were not attributable to any failure on your part, (ii) business losses (including loss of earnings, income, contracts, expected savings, data, loss of goodwill or unnecessary expenses incurred), or (iii) any indirect or consequential losses that were not reasonably foreseeable by both parties at the time the contract of sale of the products between both parties was formalized.

Nothing in these conditions limits or excludes our liability in the event of falsehood, or personal damages attributable to our negligence or intent.

Likewise, Tapeloader will not be responsible for any delay or breach of its obligations derived from these conditions if said delay or failure were attributable to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This provision does not affect your right to receive the product within a reasonable time.

The terms and conditions of the guarantee that Tapeloader offers on its products vary depending on the person who makes the purchase: a "consumer" or another person who "acts for purposes that fall within the framework of their professional activity", in accordance with the provisions of Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

If you purchase the product as a "consumer", you are entitled to the guarantee of conformity provided in the legislation according to which the delivered goods must be in accordance with the contract, and to which the seller is legally bound (Legal Guarantee). For more information on the scope, content and instructions for the exercise of this Legal Guarantee, please consult our Terms and Conditions of the Legal Guarantee or contact our Customer Service.

8. Applicable law

These conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain.

9. Modification of the conditions of sale

We reserve the right to make changes to our website, our policies and our terms and conditions, including these Conditions of Sale, at any time. You will be subject to the terms and conditions, policies and Conditions of Sale in force at the time you place your order, unless, by law or at the request of public authorities, a change must be made to said terms and conditions, policies or these Conditions of Sale (in which case, such changes may be applicable to any orders that you have previously made). If any of these conditions is declared invalid, void or for any ineffective cause, said condition will be understood to be excluded without said declaration affecting the validity or the enforceability of the other conditions.

10. Disclaimer

In case of breach by you of these Conditions of Sale, and even when Tapeloader may not exercise any rights within its reach at that time, Tapeloader may make use of such rights and actions on any other occasion in which you may breach the these Conditions of Sale.

11. Minors

We do not sell products to minors. The children's products we sell must be purchased by adults. Minors under the age of 18 may only use Tapeloader under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

12. General conditions on the right of withdrawal of consumers or users

Products sold through  They are used products, unless it is expressly indicated that they are new products. Consequently, unless otherwise stated, these are second-hand products. The state of the product (s) purchased corresponds to that of a used product in good working order according to its characteristics and manufacturing time. Any questions you may have before the purchase, do not hesitate to contact us at  [email protected]; It is always better to inform yourself before and resolve doubts prior to the purchase of the product, without prejudice, we are at your disposal to help you at all times.

  • Check, upon delivery of the product to the carrier, that the package is sent by TAPELOADER, that it is in perfect condition and has not been tampered with. Otherwise, it rejects your delivery and notify TAPELOADER, as soon as possible, to the following email address: [email protected] Also if the product has any defect or defect other than that of mere use.
  • Process.-

- Term: 14 calendar days from receipt of the product by the consumer.

- Exercise: Indicate your order code and notify TAPELOADER,

- Mode: Through your client area in

- Fill in the form and unequivocally communicate your purchase withdrawal.

- The consumer must prove that he has exercised the right of withdrawal in time - term - and form.

  • Consequences of exercising the right of withdrawal

Reciprocal restitution of benefits. Once the product sold is returned by the consumer in the same conditions in which it was delivered, Tape Loaderte will pay, by the same means of payment that you would have used, the amount that you would have paid in the shortest possible time.

  • Exceptions to the right of withdrawal (art. 103 RDL 1/2007)

There will be no right of withdrawal when the object of the purchase is the following products:

- Softwares, Games for consoles, DVD, Blu-ray, memories, hard drives, CPUs, motherboards, etc.

- If the buyer is a legal person and the purchase is a business or professional activity.

  • Responsibilities. (art. 108 RDL 1/2007)

The following shall be borne by the consumer: (i) the direct costs of returning the products he has purchased is a consequence of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, (ii) the decrease in value of the goods as a consequence of their handling not in accordance with the nature, characteristics and operation of the product. (iii) if it had been used, except to test its operation. The consumer should only try the product if they are really interested in staying with it.

  • Procedure to follow in returning the product.

First.- Communicate it to Tape Loader through the mail of [email protected]

Second.- When you have completed the first step, return the product through the carrier that delivered the product. You must include the delivery note

Third.- The product must be returned in the same way -with the packaging that was originally delivered and with the protections it contained in order to avoid damage or deterioration caused by transport- and just as the carrier delivered it - with all its elements and components-. Tape Loader will only accept products that are in accordance with what has been agreed.

Fourth.- Do not hesitate to consult us previously to resolve any questions that may arise in relation to the return of products since all returns that are not in accordance with the procedure previously established and accepted by the consumer will be rejected, being your sole responsibility the non-observance of the procedure and the consequences derived from it.

They are General Conditions of the contract and, after their acceptance, they become part of the Tape Loader sales contract. All the information you have on our website: and our "General Conditions".

Contact and claims

For any questions or incidents in relation to the promotion, users can contact [email protected]


There may be different circumstances to proceed with the return of an order.
1.) The received product suffers damage during transport. When receiving the merchandise, you must ensure that the package is in good condition externally and does not present symptoms of having received a blow, if so, you must reject the shipment reflecting the incidence on the delivery note of the carrier and notify the Customer Service department during 24 hours. following hours.

Once your order is received, you must open it and check that the merchandise does not appear to be abnormal.

2.) Defective merchandise. If you detect any defect in the operation of the article, you have 7 business days from receipt of the merchandise to proceed with its return. You must access your user area by logging in with your email and password and fill out the form that you will find in it.
3.) Right of withdrawal. You have fourteen calendar days from the date of receipt of the product to execute the right of return or withdrawal. The procedure for the return must be done through your user area.

In cases of wear or deterioration of the product for causes that are not exclusively due to its testing to make a purchase decision, Tapeloader will agree with the customer the amount to be returned.

To proceed with the return or the product change remember that you have to access your user area and fill out the return form that you will find in it.

Remember that in order to proceed with the return of a product the following requirements must be met

1.) Having purchased the product through our website
2.) Be within the established period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the order.
3.) The product must be in perfect conditions, including manuals, accessories, promotional gifts, and in general everything that is linked to the purchase of the mentioned product. In the case of not being received in your original packing the product will suffer a depreciation that will be passed on to the consumer.
4.) In any case, the serial number of the product must correspond with that recorded in the Tapeloader files.
5.) The return of the product (when it is defective) will be managed as follows: Tape Loader will provide an address to which the defective product will be sent. The only condition for such returns is that the customer will have to bear the cost of the one-way shipping.

In cases where our after-sales department detects that the returned product has been mishandled by the customer, the return will not be accepted, and if it is accepted, the full amount paid for the purchase will not be returned. the product in the store, the technical service will evaluate the product and certify the application of the guarantee. If for any reason the product does not comply with our warranty policy, we will notify you and send the same product without repair or change to your address, this time freight collect. If the product meets the warranty requirements, and the repair cost is less than the cost of the product, it would be repaired and we would send it back to your home with all the problems solved, without any associated transportation costs. If the repair results in a disproportionate cost, then we will offer you other alternatives:
• Send you a similar product
• Offer you an additional discount on the product
• Refund of the total amount.
6.) The delivery note or invoice issued together with the product being returned.
7.) The product must be perfectly packaged to avoid transport damage and incidents.

Product Warranties

The law of guarantees in the sale of consumer goods.

Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16. the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users. Tape Loader offers a 1 year warranty on its products.

Tape Loader, guarantees under the laws in force and the following conditions all the products it distributes. The consumer can contact the seller, who will be liable for any lack of conformity that appears. When the lack of conformity manifests itself after 6 months, the purchaser must prove that said lack of conformity was at the time of delivery of said product. In any case, during the time that the consumer is deprived of the product, it is suspended. the computation of the term of the guarantee; for example, if the repair of an object takes 15 days, the warranty period will end 15 days after the originally planned. The shipping costs generated by the processing of the product warranty will be borne by the customer for the outward journey and Tape Loader for the return in those cases where it is assumed that the lack of conformity exists in the purchased asset. It should always be done following the instructions indicated by Tape Loader, upon request and acceptance.

The consumer may claim when the product is not in accordance with the contract:

  • The acquired property does not conform to the description made by the seller.
  • The acquired good does not serve the uses to which consumer goods of the same type are ordinarily destined.
  • It is not suitable for the special use that would have been required by the consumer and that the seller has accepted.
  • It does not present the expected quality and behavior, especially taking into account public statements (advertising, brochures, labeling ...) about its specific characteristics made by the seller or the manufacturer.

The consumer and user have the right to:

  • Repair or replace.The consumer and user may choose to repair or replace, unless one of the two options is impossible or disproportionate. The one with the highest cost will be considered disproportionate. Non-expendable goods (when they are of a specific nature) or second-hand goods cannot be substituted. Both repair and replacement must be carried out within a reasonable period of time and completely free of charge for the consumer.
  • Price reduction or termination of the contract.They will proceed when the consumer and user cannot demand repair or replacement and in cases where it has not been carried out within a reasonable time or without major inconveniences for the consumer and user. The resolution will not proceed when the lack of conformity is of little importance.

Cancellation of guarantees

The warranty may be void for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect use, manipulation or maintenance by the Client of an equipment, multimedia kit, component or peripheral.
  • Software and / or virus problems.
  • Components burned by surges or electrical current surges.
  • Broken or damaged components subjected to impact.
  • Incorrect repair, modification or expansion by the customer of an equipment.
  • Deterioration, elimination or concealment, by the customer, of the guarantee label of Tape Loader or the manufacturer of all products.
  • A valid order number is not presented.
  • Personal details, order details, and product details recorded on the return request do not match the details of the original purchase order.
  • The product details recorded in the return request are different from the product.
  • Not all accessories included in the product are returned in their original shipping.
  • The product is damaged by altering its structure or by not following the instructions in the instruction manual.
  • Damage is caused by the use of parts / accessories not produced by the product manufacturer.
  • Damage is caused by accidental damage (including, but not limited to shock, impact, fall, water damage, or sand damage).
  • The damage is caused by the use of pirated software.
  • The damage is caused by force majeure.
  • The damage is caused by negligence and / or misuse of the product; or incurred during the transport of the product not performed by Tape Loader
  • In short, any material damaged or with obvious signs of incorrect handling will not be accepted.

The warranty does not cover

The guarantee does not cover those defects caused by incorrect use of the product.In these cases, the consumer must take charge of their repair. Therefore, the following are excluded from the guarantee:

  • Defects and deteriorations caused by external events, accidents, mainly electrical accidents, wear and tear and use not in accordance with the instructions of the Tape Loader or, failing that, from the manufacturer.
  • Products modified or repaired by the customer or any other person not authorized by Tape Loader, as well as products that are the subject of a specific support contract.
  • Incorrect software / hardware configuration, by the client, of a computer, component or peripheral. Incorrect software / hardware configuration or equipment failure caused by a component incorporated by the client.
  • Infection of computer viruses, by the client, on computers, hard disks or floppy disks of drivers or additional software.

These guarantee conditions do not affect the statutory rights of the consumer protected by the applicable legislation.

Tape Loader is not responsible for the personal information contained in the PC or storage unit. The customer is responsible for the data or information in the material to be repaired and for making the appropriate backup copies. Likewise, the guarantee will act with respect to the hidden defects and manufacturing defects of the product in accordance with article 1490 of the CC.

Return policy

The consumer and user may return the product by contacting Tape Loader through the customer area. For more information see Returns Policy

Shipping rates

Tape Loader will send the orders through the transport agency (usually Tourline Express, although it may vary). The shipping prices (including packaging) are:

  • Peninsula:
    • Consoles: 10 euros
    • Accessories, games and merchandising: 6.5 euros
  • Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla
    • Consoles: 35 euros
    • Accessories, games and merchandising: 31.5 euros

In the case of ordering multiple items, only the largest amount will be charged (for example, if two consoles and several games are ordered, 10 euros would be charged for the peninsula and 35 for the rest only)