Amstrad CPC 464 con monitor verde y juego Oh Mummy - Tape Loader

Amstrad CPC 464 with green monitor and Oh Mummy game


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Catch up on your retro childhood with this Amstrad CPC 464 computer!

It works great on game loads, so the wait will be worth it !!

The offer includes the Amstrad CPC 464 computer with GT 65 green phosphor monitor. Also included is the Amsoft Oh Mummy game

Out of stock

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Amstrad CPC 464 with green monitor and Oh Mummy game

The CPC 464 was the first personal home computer built by Amstrad in 1984. It was one of the best-selling and best-produced microcomputers, with more than 2 million units sold in Europe. The boom in British microcomputers had already peaked before Amstrad announced CPC 464 (which was referring to the color personal computer), which they then released just 9 months later.

Amstrad was known for high-fidelity products, but had not broken into the personal computer market until CPC 464. Its consumer electronics sales began to stagnate, and Owner and Founder Alan Sugar stated, “We needed to move forward and find another industry. or product to recover the growth of earnings ». Work began on the Amstrad home computer in 1983 with engineer Ivor Spital who concluded that Amstrad should enter the home computer market.

Bill Poel, general manager of Amsoft (Amstrad's software division), said during the launch press release that if the computers weren't on the shelves by the end of June, "I'll be ready to sit down and eat one in Trafalgar Square."

The CPC 464 had the Zilog Z80 processor after the original attempts to use the 6502 processor, which were used in the Commodore 64 and Apple II, had failed. The Z80 ran at 4 MHz, had 64K of memory and ran AMSDOS, Amstrad's operating system. The unit included a built-in tape drive and the option of a green or color monitor.

Offer content:

  • Amstrad CPC 464 keyboard
  • GT-65 Green Phosphor Monitor
  • Oh Mummy game

Condition of the item: Very good (few marks and good performance)

  • There are hardly any external marks, one of the corners is flat but does not rotate, we do not know if it is a manufacturing defect.
  • The cassette works well.


  • The loading of several games has been successfully tested (see video).
  • All keys have also been tested and work fine.


Load Test:




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