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Game for Atari 2600: Asteroids in original box with instructions


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On a calm and serene night, the Cosmic Space Patrol departs for the usual night cruise on the space boulevards. Those exits were always the same; calm, without action and without emotion. For some reason, tonight feels different. Shortly before 0200 hours, some form of intergalactic material is observed through the visual particle counter. The material is too large a mass to measure. It is drifting closer. Lookout, it is a giant asteroid rock and it heads directly towards the Cosmic Ship. The only chance for survival is to dodge the rock or destroy it. Destroying it doesn't just mean breaking it, but vaporizing it. Small asteroid blocks are just as fatal as large ones.

Thankfully, the rock missed the collision with the Cosmic Ship, but suddenly the Cosmic Space Patrol finds itself surrounded by thousands of deadly asteroids. The Cosmic Space Patrol must act quickly to save their spaceship and save their lives. The spacecraft is equipped with photon torpedoes, hyperspace, shields, and roll control.

The Cosmic Space Patrol is highly trained to handle this situation. Could you do a good job as the Cosmic Space Patrol? How would you protect yourself if you were caught in a deadly asteroid belt? This is your great opportunity to fly through the dementias of space and defend yourself against asteroid boulders. The longer you survive, the more space hazards you will encounter.

The game has its original box and instructions next to the cartridge. All games are checked before shipment.

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Game for Atari 2600: Asteroids in original box with instructions

Asteroids is a popular vector-based arcade video game released in 1979 by Atari. The objective of the game is to shoot and destroy asteroids while avoiding colliding with their fragments. It was one of the most popular games of the Golden Age of arcade video games.

Asteroids was inspired by the game Spacewar !, the first computer video game. In the early 1980s one version was produced as Space Wars, which included a number of optional versions such as and floating asteroids. Asteroids in essentially a single player version of Spacewar !, characterized by the ship and asteroids as the main enemy.

The game was designed by Lyle Rains and programmed and designed by Ed Logg. 5 Asteroids was a hit in America becoming the best selling video game of all time.6 Atari had been in the process of releasing another vector game called Lunar Lander, but the demand for asteroids was so high that they had to stop the production of the game. The first 200 asteroid arcade machines were shipped in Lunar Lander's cabin. Asteroids was so popular in arcade that arcade owners had to install large boxes to store coins. Another feature of this game is registering player initials for score marks, this innovation continues in today's video games.

Asteroids was one of the first of many games to use Quadrascan, the vector refresh system (although a color version was developed for the Atari 2600). Then another game that included Quadra Scan full-color is Tempest.

The game has its original box and instructions next to the cartridge. All sets with checked before shipment.


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