Juego para ZX Spectrum: Saboteur ! - Tape Loader

Game for ZX Spectrum: Saboteur!


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Go into the warehouse. Avoid dogs, guards, and anti-personnel weapons that are mounted on the roof and guided by video cameras. Go up several levels, then go over the elevator shaft to the other side of the warehouse. You will have to use computer terminals to open some doors. Then, go down to the sewers. On your way you should try to find a hidden clock-bomb, and take it to the underground data center. Use two miniature trains that connect the sewers to the data center. Grab the disk (or swap it with the bomb), then escape in the helicopter on the roof of the warehouse. You will have to climb the ladder and jump through the cranes on the top floor.

It is not easy, but it is your mission!

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Game for ZX Spectrum: Saboteur!

Saboteur! is an action game released in 1985 by Durell Software for multiple 8-bit computers. It was programmed by Clive Townsend.

The argument is to enter a warehouse and retrieve a disk containing the names of the rebel leaders.

The player must move through the rooms that make up a warehouse, underground tunnels and a control center to find the disc and escape. The character has an energy indicator bar, which is lost when falling from too high, staying underwater or being attacked. If the energy level reaches zero or time runs out, the game ends. To increase the level you simply have to rest in a safe area.

The saboteur can duck, go up and down stairs, run and attack enemies with punches or takedowns. It starts with a shuriken as a weapon, and can use makeshift ones, such as bricks or metal pipes, found in piles of garbage and boxes throughout the warehouse. This has security systems that the player must avoid or disable, including guards, dogs and positions with automatic weapons.

Saboteur! It has a difficulty selection system, with which you can adjust the number of guards, the time available to carry out the mission, and how easy the path to the drive and the escape helicopter will be, due to the number of locked doors.

The game had a sequel in 1987, called Saboteur II.

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