ZX Spectrum +2 128k negro en buen estado y juego Bruce Lee - Tape Loader

ZX Spectrum +2 128k black in good condition and Bruce Lee game


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Catch up on your retro childhood with this ZX Spectrum + 2A 128K computer!

It works great on game loads, so the wait will be worth it !!

Offer includes ZX Spectrum + 2A 128k computer with original power supply and RF cable. Also included is Dinamic Phamptom 2 game

Out of stock

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ZX Spectrum +2 128k black in good condition and Bruce Lee game

The ZX Spectrum +2 was Amstrad's first Spectrum computer, shortly after the purchase of the Spectrum range and the 'Sinclair' brand in 1986.
The machine featured a completely new gray case with a spring-loaded keyboard, two joystick ports, and a frame-on a recorder called the Datacorder (like the Amstrad CPC 464), but it was mostly identical to the ZX Spectrum 128.
The main menu screen lacked the Spectrum 128 "Tape Test" option, and the ROM was changed to the account for a new Amstrad copyright message from 1986. These changes resulted in minor incompatibility issues with software that accessed ROM routines in certain directions.

The ZX Spectrum + 2A was a variant of the Spectrum +3, also released in 1987, and housed inside a black case.
The Spectrum + 2A / + 3 motherboard (part number AMSTRAD Z70830) was designed so that it could be assembled without the floppy controller or associated logic and a +2 style "data recorder" attached.
Amstrad originally planned to introduce an additional disk interface for the + 2A / + 2B called AMSTRAD SI-1, but it never appeared. If an external disk drive was added, the "+ 2A" in the system operating system menu would change to +3.

The ZX Spectrum + 2A's power supply used the same pinout as the +3. The power supply purchased with + 2A / B had "Sinclair +2" written on it.

Offer content:

  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 2A 128K
  • Original feeding
  • RF cable
  • Bruce Lee of Erbe

Condition of the article: Good. (Good operation with marks of use)

  • It has an external mark (see photos)
  • The feeder is in good condition
  • The power connector works fine except that if the cable is too tight and shifts sideways, you can reset the computer.
  • Tested on modern television it shows some noise at first (it may not have any on a CRT)

The loading of several games has been successfully tested (see video).

All keys have also been tested and work fine.

Videos :


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